Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer 

Since 1985, Doug has held a number of positions as Corporate Controller for manufacturing and distribution companies in Canada and the United States.


He has provided leadership to the financial management functions, including development of monthly/quarterly financial statements, forecasts, and budgets for multi-branch companies with annual sales in excess of $150 million.

As a management consultant, Doug has had extensive experience with restructuring companies suffering from operating losses due to manufacturing inefficiencies, lack of consistent production and assembly, and excessive overhead costs. He established effective purchasing policies and performance metrics to reduce per unit costs and establish consistent production processes, developed financial budgets, cash flows and business plans.


Doug has directed the establishment of 5 new satellite manufacturing and distribution branches within 24 months in various states; included lease negotiations, equipment installation, hiring of service, accounting and manufacturing personnel.

Prior to embarking on his career as Corporate Controller, Doug was employed as a Commercial Banker with two Canadian chartered banks, where he managed diverse credit portfolios including manufacturing, agricultural and construction clients



Fidel is an internationally educated architect with extensive experience in design and construction of development projects.


He immigrated to Canada in 1976 and had worked as an architectural and engineering technologist in various architectural and engineering firms including but not limited to the industrial and manufacturing industries.


Fidel established C.C.I. Cadpower Canada Inc. (Cadpower) in 1994.  Cadpower's primary business is in providing CAD services and Technical support to architectural and engineering firms, process and manufacturing plants, commercial and residential developers in various public and private sectors.


Fidel’s responsibilities include the Project Component of CDF.