CDF has maintained a relationship with Anderson Capital, a US based private equity firm, for over 20 years. In that time, we have acted as an agent for their Private Placement deposit program and they have acted as a potential funding source for client projects.

In October, 2017 we were attacked by fraudulent reports on the Ripoff Report website. These reports were submitted by an unlicensed real estate broker in California and both relate to a request for funding for one of the broker's clients. While we sometimes accept clients to assist with sourcing project financing through Anderson Capital and other lenders, not all projects meet the criteria for conventional funding. In this case, the source that the broker referred to us was using illegally obtained banking information and we declined to proceed with them.

Ripoff Reports, and its founder, are the subject of countless lawsuits alleging extortion, blackmail and filing misleading information we encourage you to view the reports filed against them. Their business model is based on the company or individual against whom the report has been filed, pay a fee to have the report removed. An entire industry has been created to this end. In our case we received several "offers" of assistance with fees ranging upwards from $25,000. We declined.

Copies of our rebuttals to the reports are attached:

"The individual filing the report is not a client of CDF or Anderson Capital. We maintain communications with all of our clients and address their comments and/or concerns in a timely fashion; we have never blocked phone numbers or email addresses of our client base. This individual has harassed our company since we rejected his attempts to involve us in a fraudulent scheme to fund his construction project (see Ripoff complaints #1220758 and #1215063). Over the past two weeks he has been filing negative reports here and deluging us with phone calls, abusive and threatening texts and emails. We have never received money from this individual or his employer. We have referred this matter to our attorneys and filed a complaint with the California Bureau of Real Estate against this individual and his employer."

"Although we are selective about the projects we review, not all projects are viable and as such funding is never guaranteed. CDF has never asked for an upfront fee and all funding requests are taken on a "best efforts" basis. This report was obviously submitted by an individual/company whose project did not meet the conventional funding parameters and they have vented their frustration in this forum. We wish them success in their search for financing through other sources."

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.